VideoAdmin Flash Website Templates

We are please to announce that at, we’ve launched new VideoAdmin Flash Website Templates for people out there looking to create video gallery website.

What is VideoAdmin Flash Template?

With VideoAdmin Flash Template you can easily integrate the videos in your website and make your video gallery using VideoAdmin Flash Template! These templates are called “VideoAdmin” as they are created by Admin Control Panel to make it easy and comfortable to control the video insertion process. Making video gallery website was never so easy before!


These templates are very handy and easy to manage your gallery. All you’ve to do is create a new category and insert appropriate video files in that category and that’s it. The videos will be displayed on website.

Our VideoAdmin template supports only .flv video files. So if you have any video in other formats like .avi, .mpeg or any other extensions please take a move to change them to .flv format before uploading them to your gallery. If you do not have a flash converter please visit for a FREE ONLINE CONVERTER

These templates will be very beneficial for people who are willing to create attractive video gallery website at minimal efforts. Check out our VideoAdmin Flash Website Templates and save your time and money in making a video gallery based website.

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