Series Post 1: How to Change the Background Image in Flash Template?


Hello Readers,

As promised, today we’re starting with our series of post.  One by one in this series posts, we’ll explain you how to make changes in your flash templates.

Starting with the first and very basic question asked by our users is, can I change the background image of the flash template?

Our answer is “Yes, you can”. You just need to follow below shown steps to change it:

  1. Open the library, Just press f11.
  2. Locate the background graphic file (the file name may varies, depending on the different type of template).
  3. Double click on that graphic file, in the timeline click each key frame and replace the background picture to whatever you want (import another background picture).

That’s it! Enjoy the new look of your template. If you still cannot make the changes, order us to customize your flash template at 33% discount.

Starting Series of Post for Answering Common Questions

series_of_postHello Readers,

We’ve seen that nowadays many people trust on only flash web templates to keep their website attractive and user friendly. Undoubtedly, flash templates are very appealing and can interact well with your visitors.

Flash templates are graphically rich, interactive and easy to navigate. The interactive features and user interface offered by flash templates force visitors to deal with website and which mostly results into sales. So flash not only helps website owners make website visitor friend but as well bring handsome business.

Assured, flash templates are beneficial but many times we hear questions from our users and we do reply them positively. Also the users understand and agree upon it happily but today we want to disclose answers to some of very common questions asked by our users.

We’re expanding and so now we unfortunately would not be able to answer each and every query personally. So for the same reason we’ve decided to start a Series of post here, answering to some of common question asked by our past uses. This will not only help us in saving our time but also users will get all detailed information on our blog without waiting for our reply back.

We’ll start our series of post very soon. So to upgrade your knowledge and keep your self updated, do not forget to Subscribe to our RSS Feed.

3 Things to Check Before Buying / Designing A Website Template

3_thingsNowadays, having a website is mandatory for a business to grow. So when the question is to grow the business its very important for us to choose / make best website design.

When it comes to choose a website design template that perfectly suits for you, there are couple of very important things you must check like colour scheme, navigation, user interface, etc.

But there are 3 mandatory things you need to look into when buying or designing a website would be:

Internal Navigation: It is very important to have a navigation structure in your website that doesn’t get your users lost. This is one of the major issue that some designs have!

User Friendliness: Its very important to make the website user friendly because the website is ultimately made for visitors only. If the website is not user friendly do you think it’s worth anything?

Designing and Idea: Do check out that the design perfectly reflects the idea or vision of business? Because it is very important that visitors understand what you want them to understand and doesn’t misunderstand. As well check out the colour scheme, it should not be eye-itchy that can cause sometimes visitors to leave website as well.

Keep these 3 things into your mind next time you start looking for a new design or template.

Now, if you’re looking to buy web template, we’re sure you’ll find everything with our best flash web templates! If not, you get it customized at 33% discount.

How to Create Website

Creating website – seems to be the difficult task. We will try to help you here. This article intended is for the beginner. You don’t have to be a technician or have web education. We will teach you everything you should know for creating your own website.

Bookmark this site if you want to create website. Our past, current and future knowledge and products will be helpful for you. Continue reading