New Year and Christmas campaign

WEB-FLASH-TEMPLATE.COM has launched a sales campaign.

As we suppose this campaign provides our customers with a possibility not just to receive their traditional gifts, but also truly to help their nearest and dearest.

To explain the foregoing, we would like to note that the most valuable of the three gifts to choose from, offered within the event, is a free website template. While determining such gift, our team thought that the participants would have a possibility to present this free Website Template to friends or nearest and dearest.

What can you get from the website template, received as a Christmas or a New Year gift?

According to our experience this Template may become a “golden key” that opens the door to a new life. The reason is that with the help of own website it is possible to start, independently on anybody, your own business and finally to solve all problems.

It is not a secret that today in most countries in the world the situation with work and income is unsatisfied. Many people involved in wage labor sector have problems with wage or even are unemployed. There are also a lot of those, who have been thinking about starting their own business, but did not have enough courage to make the first step.

High quality Website template, as a Christmas or a New Year gift – an excellent chance to change your life!

Many successful people, thinking about the origin of their business, say that the cause of all was the case. It is possible that such New Year gift will be for someone a fluke and the beginning of successful business.

Our team sincerely hopes that this Christmas sales will be a turning step in someone’s fate and career!

Rent Car HTML tempalte review.

You don’t want to be dependent on the efficiency of Flash Player of your browser? Do you prefer more accessibility of your website? Do you want your website to be available on mobile device? Then the HTML version of our Rent Car Layout is just for you.

Rent a car preview

This template was intended for renting cars business direction. So we placed special images of cars subject area to transfer the scope of your business activity. The key with the key tag are the emblem of our template and are located in the title of the site.
Main Menu of the sites is placed at the top of the template. On the left side of the screen there is a renting form. The central part of the template belongs to 4 splash screens with cars images. We present a slider on the Home page with the turnabout of images – cars’ assortment with prices – for quick accessibility. At the bottom of the screen there are Support, Address, Newsletters and Contact blocks.
We enhanced the layout of the template so that you can enjoy the navigation and have an easy access to important information.

Buy rent a cart HTML template

Rent a car Joomla template review

Are you thinking about the enhancement of your site? Begin with your website template, as it is the start point of your success. We can help you with this affair. Our template collection is focused on different circles of business.
Current template was designed specially for renting services. It absorbed all specialities and advantages of modern website layouts, so that user feels convenient and satisfied by navigation throughout the site. Some small tricks can add your template usability.

Rent a car Joomla website template's image

We present a slider on the Home page with the turnabout of images – cars’ assortment with prices – for quick accessibility. User can choose the best suggestion directly from the start page, without long navigations. It is extremely convenient, isn’t it?
From the admin point of view, the convenience lies in the comfort of customization and management. The Rent Car Website template is based on Joomla CMS and allows to edit content of the site without efforts. You can change images, text, color range, sound effects etc just to your taste.

Business Corporate, HTML template review

Web site helps to present your business to various circles of users. What is the earnest of success of your site? First of all it is a well designed template. Here we present one of our web site templates collection – Business Corporate template. This template type is based on HTML, which makes it faster in functionality and compatible with all browsers. Moreover, thanks to advanced technologies HTML templates don’t differ from Flash templates by the quality of graphic or animation. All wonderful special effects are also present here.

Bussiness website template preview

Your site based on Business Corporate template will be available not only from web browser on your computer, but on mobile device also. While Flash is not supported by most of devices, HTML is always accessible and functional.
The central idea of Business Corporate template is represented in the globe – the central element of the screen. Main Menu is located along it across the whole screen. Every part of the site is accessible from the Home page and it is very important during the planning f the design.
We are focused both on small and big companies, to achieve demand among our clients we set reasonable prices. We take care of you time and money.