Gifts store website template

Online store is not a new product yet. But usable and convenient store is really a rarity. We offer the best solution for your online projects, which is attractive, convenient, easy in navigation and utilization. Gift Store Website Template is based on Open Cart and offers you a ready-made shopping cart solution with various payment and shippment methods, modern search engine etc.

Bright and unique design will make your site attractive and attended by customers. The header contains the logo of the store with its title and gifts images, currency selection, mini shopping cart, search field and login/registration box. Main menu with product categories is stretched out the screen. Then follows the slider with three images that are changed automatically. After the slider you can see the list of Featured products, that can be scrolled left/right. The quantity of scrolled products and scrolling mode can be changed by site admin. Sub menu is placed in the footer.
Our template is well thought-out just to your taste and aims. Don’t hezitate, just buy our Gift Store Website Template.

College name joomla template review

It is prestigious for modern college to have its own web site. You may ask why? First of all school leavers or students will have an access to basic information about the college, the events connected with it etc. Web site will be the online visit card of the educational institution.
What is necessary to have for making your site usable and attractive? What criteria should be followed in designing website template?

College name joomla template's image

In our College name website template we united usability, interactivity, uniqueness, easy navigation and convenient layout.
The Header of the template contains the emblem of the college and its title, then follows the address and contact information. The central part of the site is devoted to Main Menu items mixed with images. On the right side Welcome text is located. The footer of the template contains the last visited articles, archives, helpful links and support.
Our convenient design helps to avoid disappointment while navigating throughout the site. All necessary info is accessible from the first step.