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Photo Video Gallery template description

Our Photo and video gallery flash template is designed in original way. Graphic pallet is presented to your view. On the left side the name of the photographer is visible. Six strings of colors hide menu items. Move the mouse over the string and you see the name of menu entry. Click on “About” and in a second the page is opened. Welcome text covers the header of the page. Then follow Latest events and New project. If you want to read more info, just click on “read more”. Convenient Close button, designed as red bookmark, helps to go back to main menu. All other entries have the same compact layout. Just Portfolio tab is quite different as it contains great number of photos inside.
Photo Video Gallery
All menu items are duplicated at the bottom on the screen. Here you can proceed to “About”, “Services”, “Prices”, “Video”, “Portfolio” and “Contact us” menu entries. Each user just chooses the most convenient place for him.

With our website templates it is easy to navigate throughout the site, manage content, find necessary info and receive all possible news from the site. We take care of your time and money.

Photographer website template

Originality of each template guarantees definite success. We put into each designed page a piece of our soul, so that our flash templates can be recognizable among others.

This photo/video gallery with admin panel consists of welcome screen and main site. Welcome screen contains photographer name and photo. A big Enter button is placed on the left site of the screen. Animated effect makes it more prominent. One click on Enter button helps to proceed to the main content.

Now main site is presented for your attention. Main menu with flickering stars is located at the top of the screen. Then welcome text of the photographer follows. If you want to read more info, just click on “read more” and pop-up window appears. On the right side of the page Latest news takes place. If this news column is too long, scrolling is added to the text. This compact location of content elements prevents user from long wandering throughout the site looking for necessary information.

We present you design of high quality that is created just for pleasure.

Creative Folio Website Template Review

Photo art was popular long ago and it saves its popularity till nowadays. There are a lot of online photo galleries, but most of them suffer from the lack of usability. With our Creative folio photo gallery website template we want to present you a sample of usability and unique design. Our flash website template is based on combination of good taste and convenience.

Photo gallery template

The main idea and destination of template is represented in the background: a man with camera instead of head like centaur. Volumetric graphic make the web page extensional. We used paint elements to emphasize photography as an art.

Extraordinary menu location helps to distinguish our website templates from the primitive range of other templates. The name of the photographer cannot be omitted as it is one of the most prominent elements on the screen. Our Creative folio website template includes background music that can be turned ON/OFF. We also offer the ability to manage photos and categories in the back-end.

All useful and convenient things are combined in our templates!