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Joomla is one of the most popular and powerful cms. Choose it to make your own profitable website in a quick way.

Computer Repair Joomla Template review

Computer Repair Template presents a slider with informative images on the start page. On each splash screen you can find a list of our services, for instance, the first screen contains the question “Are you having trouble with E-mail, Printing or the Internet?” Such presentation helps the user to find the important information immediately after opening the Home page.
Main Menu is located at the top of the template and contains sub-entries in drop-down. Each page of the site is a full-screen page.

Computer repair joomla template's image here

Computer Repair website template contains Facebook, Twitter, Google and Youtube plugins embedded at the bottom of the screen. The template is based on Joomla. With its help you don’t need much time to customize your template. Everything is easy and fast in realization.
We are focused on private and commercial business and set reasonable prices, quite accessible both for small and big business.
Computer Repair Template is a good design idea for your website. Enjoy the quality and professionalism with it!

Radio Station – Joomla theme review

Both popular and not yet popular Radio Stations require their own websites to gather all fans and listeners and to increase the popularity among the audience. But only the presence of the website is not the earnest of success. Your website should be pleasant in usage and convenient in navigation. So design plays a very important role in this case.

Radio station Joomla theme

We offer one of our professional templates, based on Joomla – it is Radio Station Joomla Template. What is Joomla and what its advantages can be mentioned?
Joomla is a management system for your site content. With its help you don’t need much time to customize your template.
Radio Station Joomla Template contains slider banner with bright images that are changed automatically. Under this banner Music News block follows. At the bottom the embedded videos are located. Main menu of the site is placed on the left side and at the top of the screen.
We took care about your convenience and united only usable features in our Radio Station Joomla Template.

Charity joomla theme review

More and more charity organizations appear nowadays. They are created with the main aim – to help poor, abandoned people, orphans and indigent children and families. There are so many not indifferent people who devoted their time to helping others. They create communities and organization to unite more and more people. Now it becomes easier with Internet technologies as web unites people all over the world.
For making those organization and communities more accessible for you, we designed our Joomla template to form your online project. What is Joomla? And why it is so popular among web templates design? It simplifies management and customization processes of your site.

Charity joomla template preview

Lets overview the layout and main features of Сharity Joomla template. It contains background with child photo. The header of the template includes Main Menu and such important icons as “Donate” and “Join us”. Then follows three main blocks which comprise the main aim of our activity: “Mission and Services”, “Charity account and reports”, “Recent programs”.
The next part of the template belongs to the main content of the site. Footer contains “Privacy Policy”.

Broker Corporation Template review

This Broker Corporation Joomla Template type was created to organize online business of broker companies, firms, corporations and organizations. They will help to arrange deals between a buyer and a seller and to make this cooperation more convenient and effective. Template is based on Joomla cms, which allows to edit the content and change it without efforts and deep knowledge in HTML. Each block of the site can be tuned according to your tastes and wishes. The basic components of the Broker Corporation Template comprise:

1) tag line “Success” that betokens good luck;
2) Main Menu – the central part of the template;
3) logotype of the template located on the left side of Main Menu;
4) and background image that changes with the help of arrows.

Broker Corporation Joomla template

Business suit of the man, presented on the image, emphasizes the business theme of the template. We created maximally convenient template without complicated layout, navigation and banners. Only the necessary elements were presented on the page, so that user doesn’t feel confused while wandering the site.

Business Corporate Joomla template review

Business Corporate Joomla template can be used by various circles of customers and business owners, as this template is multipurpose. Among its elements the following can be mentioned:

1) Logotype – located in the header, on the left side;
2) Login box- located also in the header, but on the right side;
3) Tag lines with basic benefits of the presented services;
4) Main Menu – the central and the most elegant part of the template. The entries are located in the gray boxes with titles and when you move the mouse over one of it, the informative icon appears;
5) and background image – “the globe” that emphasizes the global usage of the template.

Joomla theme, business

We used minimum effects to concentrate your attention on usability and convenience. The template is based on Joomla cms which allows easy editing of the content. Your site now can be organized according to your needs and tastes. We don’t use complicated navigation and layouts as the simplicity is the earnest of success. Buy and realize the quality yourself.

Studio Records Website Template review

Finally it happened and we present our Studio Records Website Template. It is based on Joomla which makes the template more convenient and interactive. Why? This is simple, Joomla CMS helps to manage and customize each module of your template: from text block with images, to layout with color range. You can change the site completely to your taste. We periodically refresh the assortment of our templates, so that you can’t be bothered.

Studio Records Website template

Studio Records Website Template is functional and informative. The header contains the name of the template with headline, the contact phone and images that trim the content. Microphone, equalizer, loudspeaker remind the main topic of the template and the sphere where it can be used. Main menu is located under the header. The left and right panels of the site contains login block, latest news, featured services, polls and new shows. The central content represents the welcome text and latest records.

This premium Studio Records Website Template was created to make your business successful. Don’t hesitate and download it right now!

Joomla website template

Our Joomla templates can be used by different ranges of clients: from small companies to big organizations and communities. We offer reasonable and accessible prices, so that everyone can afford themselves our Joomla Website Templates.

The header of the template can characterize the main points of our service:

  1. Solutions – with our Joomla templates you receive powerful solution for your business;
  2. Success – we guarantee bright ideas for your business;
  3. Premium – premium services and great maintenance.

Solution website template

Menu items are located at the top of the template and contain drop-down sub-entries. The site keywords: presentations, strategy, research are separated in blocks with special icons and can be easily recognized among the whole content. Then come welcome text and duplicated Main Menu.

We provide high level usability, as with our navigation you can find any information without efforts. Create our successful business with our Joomla Website Templates and enjoy the professional service.

WebPortfolio template (300802275), how to add photos in Gallery

Step by step instructions how to manage Gallery in our WebPortfolio template:

Step 1. Go to Joomla admin panel to Module Manager and select “Big Gallery” Module.
Login to Joomla admin panel and find Big Gallery module

Step 2. Open HTML of this module.
Open HTML code of Big Gallery module

Step 3. Here you see html code for image list. To change image change “src” attribute of IMG tag, to change description edit “alt” attribute of IMG tag.
Edit Big Gallery images

Step 4. Go to Media Manager at Joomla admin panel and upload image files.
Upload images files to server.

That’s all. Go to Joomla front-end and test changes.

Review for Hotel Joomla theme

What do you want to know first of all, when you are looking for room in the hotel? Of course, the interior and prices. We considered all your desires in our design. The start page contains the collection of images in the header, they are changed automatically and offer you the variety of interior design. You can also change the images manually by click on radio box.

Joomla theme - hotel

Site menu is placed at the top of the screen and contains animated effects. Search box is located on the right side. Welcome box covers the central part of the screen. Then follows photo gallery with presentation of the restaurant and rooms. At the bottom of the screen you can find the list of services, contacts, conditions of booking etc. Our well organized template and unique design make your navigation through the site convenient and easy. This Joomla hotel webiste template also contains integrated CMS, that simplifies the management of the site.

With our Hotel web template you have a great possibility to attract more clients and create your successful business.