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You can use finished web design solution – website template to create your own profitable website in a quick way.

Kindergarten photo video gallery template review

Are you looking for design idea for your online photo and video gallery? Do you like extraordinary solutions and creative approach? We can offer all these! In our Kindergarten Photo video gallery Template we combined vivid graphic, animated elements, easy navigation throughout the site, convenient layout, advanced technologies and full interaction. The content of the template can be easily changed with Admin Panel.

Kids photo video template

Kindergarten Photovideoadmin Template contains welcome screen or splash screen with bright images and animations: meadow with flowers, butterflies, trees, blue sky with clouds, snail and house with children etc. A big “Enter” button leads to Home page of the site, which appears among the clouds with special sound effects on the background. Each page of the site is divided into the blocks with the text, for more information you should click on “Read more”. This bright template cannot leave you indifferent as it creates the illusion of dream.
Buy our Kindergarten Photovideoadmin Website Template and enjoy the popularity of your site, this template brings success.

Music Station Website Template review

JS Animated Music Station Website Template is a combination of elegant design, modern technologies, live graphic and usability. A happy owner of such template will be completely satisfied by its usability. Radio stations, Music stations, Audio Studio and others can buy our JS Animated Music Website Template.

JS animated music station template

The template contains Main Menu in the header, Music Station logo, its title and in the right corner the current DJ working in the live program. Video player is embedded into the template and allows to view video directly on the site. There are also various blocks on the Home page like “Top Music Albums”, “All Music Chanel”, “On Air” etc. Convenient layout helps to make the most popular parts of the site accessible for users. We used the contrast of colors to play with your mood and perception. Titles of the blocks and navigation links are bright to be more prominent and visible on the page. The whole background is in black and gray combination.
Buy our template and make your site successful and memorable.

My school template review

It is a very responsible task to find prestige and good school for your child. Most of parents first of all review various recommendations, ratings of teachers staff before choosing a school. To simplify this process and to make those information more accessible modern schools open their own websites, where they show the presentation of educational institution, the list of studied subjects, photos of the interior etc. Currently there are a lot of services that help to find the best school for you, they also are interested in bright web site with convenient navigation for parents, who are looking for best solution for their children.

My school website template

Here we present one of our website templates for the listed above purposes. We emphasize the education theme here. Easy Flash template is presented in the form of blackboard with stickers for Main Menu’s entries. Template contains welcome page with images that can be chosen automatically or manually; animated elements like globe, books, laptop, pencils etc; sound effects that can be turned ON/OFF; highlighted links and so on.
This unique design, created with school notes, can be the brightest solution for your website.

Charity joomla theme review

More and more charity organizations appear nowadays. They are created with the main aim – to help poor, abandoned people, orphans and indigent children and families. There are so many not indifferent people who devoted their time to helping others. They create communities and organization to unite more and more people. Now it becomes easier with Internet technologies as web unites people all over the world.
For making those organization and communities more accessible for you, we designed our Joomla template to form your online project. What is Joomla? And why it is so popular among web templates design? It simplifies management and customization processes of your site.

Charity joomla template preview

Lets overview the layout and main features of –°harity Joomla template. It contains background with child photo. The header of the template includes Main Menu and such important icons as “Donate” and “Join us”. Then follows three main blocks which comprise the main aim of our activity: “Mission and Services”, “Charity account and reports”, “Recent programs”.
The next part of the template belongs to the main content of the site. Footer contains “Privacy Policy”.

Coffee house HTML template

Why HTML prevails over Flash? It is faster, more interactive and compatible with all browsers (doesn’t overload them). Moreover HTML have lots of possibilities and is not worse than Flash in special effects and graphic.
Our Coffee house HTML template makes you feel the aroma of coffee. –°offee corns, leaves, coffee cups, skin, drawings with chocolate help to penetrate into the wonderful world of coffee. This Coffee house template can be used by cafes, coffee house, coffee shops etc.

Coffe house template

The header of the template contains the free phone number, which is quite important contact info for users. The central part of the header belongs to Coffee House logo and on each side of it there are Main Menu entries. Under the header three blocks with images are listed to present sub-content of the site: coffee history, coffee card, coffee time. Welcome text takes the central part of the template. Then follows new arrivals and footer. The main theme of the template is felt throughout the site, so that user can easily find all required information.

Up your finance template review

Are you looking for compact solutions for your site? Do you want an elegant design for your online project? Then our Up your finance Easy Flash Template is just for your business. The main design idea of our site is comprised in diagram image, which displays the progress of increasing of your success.
Up your finance template
The central part of the template is a column with the company name, company type and Main Menu entries. When click on any menu item, the content appears on each side from the column like pages of the book.
Template doesn’t take much space on the screen and can be compatible with all screen formats. We cared about your time and convenience and created maximally usable template with simple layout. Our Up your finance Easy Flash Template will be a good solution for your business as it has unique design, easy navigation, full interaction and corresponds to the latest technologies.
Feel free to buy this Up your finance Easy Flash Template, as we offer reasonable prices for high quality. Don’t hesitate and we justify your hopes!

Broker Corporation Template review

This Broker Corporation Joomla Template type was created to organize online business of broker companies, firms, corporations and organizations. They will help to arrange deals between a buyer and a seller and to make this cooperation more convenient and effective. Template is based on Joomla cms, which allows to edit the content and change it without efforts and deep knowledge in HTML. Each block of the site can be tuned according to your tastes and wishes. The basic components of the Broker Corporation Template comprise:

1) tag line “Success” that betokens good luck;
2) Main Menu – the central part of the template;
3) logotype of the template located on the left side of Main Menu;
4) and background image that changes with the help of arrows.

Broker Corporation Joomla template

Business suit of the man, presented on the image, emphasizes the business theme of the template. We created maximally convenient template without complicated layout, navigation and banners. Only the necessary elements were presented on the page, so that user doesn’t feel confused while wandering the site.

Business Corporate Joomla template review

Business Corporate Joomla template can be used by various circles of customers and business owners, as this template is multipurpose. Among its elements the following can be mentioned:

1) Logotype – located in the header, on the left side;
2) Login box- located also in the header, but on the right side;
3) Tag lines with basic benefits of the presented services;
4) Main Menu – the central and the most elegant part of the template. The entries are located in the gray boxes with titles and when you move the mouse over one of it, the informative icon appears;
5) and background image – “the globe” that emphasizes the global usage of the template.

Joomla theme, business

We used minimum effects to concentrate your attention on usability and convenience. The template is based on Joomla cms which allows easy editing of the content. Your site now can be organized according to your needs and tastes. We don’t use complicated navigation and layouts as the simplicity is the earnest of success. Buy and realize the quality yourself.

Consulting Company free template review

What is the best condition for buying template? Certainly, to download it for free! This chance is given for all our customers, now they can download our Consulting Company Template for free. It is based not on Flash, but on HTML5. This makes the template faster in response and more interactive. The Template is accessible from all browsers and under different operation systems. You won’t have problems with suspension of web-page because of Flash. All special effects possible with Flash also can be achieved with HTML5.
Consulting html5 free template
This Free Consulting Company HTML5 Template contains Header with template name and welcome text, photo of the staff, welcome text and several menu entries. Main menu of the site is located under the header. The central content of the site contains the list of partners, “About” information and hot news. The color range of Free Consulting Company Template is unobtrusive and can be appropriate for business sites.
Hurry up to download our Consulting Company Template for free! This rare chance is not a common thing!

Business Line template review

In our Easy Flash website templates we implement only unique and fresh ideas, which cannot leave you indifferent because of their usability, elegance and uniqueness. We set our prices so that they can satisfy different ranges of users: from big companies and organizations to separate business owners.
Business Line Easy Flash Template is one of the unique variants of our website templates. It is presented as a folder with the sheets scattered around. Each sheet has a title – that is the name of Main Menu entry. Click on any of them and the sub-page will be opened. The content is placed compactly, if the text is too long, the scrolling is added to the page or the button “Read more” is present. The color range of this Business Line Easy Flash Template is unpretentious – with dominant gray and white. The header of the template contains the company name and a tagline, the font of these elements is prominent, so that to attract attention of visitors.
Business easy flash template
With our Business Line Easy Flash Template you can make your business successful as can save your money and time.